about topi adventure

Topi Adventure is the ultimate partner for all your travel arrangements to Tanzania. Our specialty is custom and tailor-made safaris, which we work together with you to fulfill your dream vacation to Tanzania. Whether you want to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and serenity of Tanzania’s unspoiled game parks and reserves, climb the majestic Kilimanjaro or just relax on the sunny tropical beaches. Important to mention is that we have daily departures for all our safaris with a minimum of 2 persons booking.

We have English language speaking driver/guides - Spanish and French upon request. Get in touch with us and let us work together in creating your next adventure! Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Kilimanjaro tops the list as Africa's most famous activity. To climb the highest mountain in Africa we treat each booking as a private departure regardless of how many persons are booking together, 1 or 10+. We may have several trekking departures on the same route the same day and you can choose to trek together or separately. As you are all independent groups, with your own guide and cook you are independent of each other and your bid to get to the summit will not be influenced by the weakness of others. Tanzania Safaris Safaris - Home to the seemingly endless plains of the Serengeti National Park, where one of the world's greatest natural spectacles, the annual migration of some two million wildebeest followed by their predators can be observed.

The Serengeti holds some of the largest concentrations of lion, cheetah and leopard in Africa, and is probably the best national game park on the continent to see these predators. For more information about Tanzania Safari please come accross on SafariBooking.com page as we are represented. Kindly contact us with any question(s) regarding your trip to Tanzania, we will be glad to help!

Send us email for any Information about Kilimanjaro Trekking or Adventure Safari on sales@topiadventure.com or Call us For Further Query